Long-Term Care

Our specialized team prepares each patient’s individual medications in the preferred dose-pack for convenient daily dosing within their respective facility. Additionally, each patient’s MAR along with there medical history are reviewed by our clinical pharmacist whenever a prescription is filled and routinely, ensuring the safety and effectiveness of each medication dispensed.

Our clinical pharmacists provide you with consulting service for medical record review at your convenience.  In compliance with state and federal guidelines, each patient’s medical arecord is reviewed by a clinical pharmacist. Clinical review includes a comprehensive pharmacotherapeutic review, documentation and charting review, and outcome recommendations . Recommendations are generated and reported to the attending physician and caregiver of facility if need be after the review is completed.

Electronic MAR

  Track and record scheduled treatments, such as dressing changes
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  Track and record vitals, like daily blood sugar, or weekly weights
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  Display informational orders (aka, standing, or ancillary, orders) during the med pass
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  Diagnosis and allergies are visible during the med pass
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  Cycle Fill*
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  Check in meds quickly using a scanner. Spot missing meds before start of cycle.
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  Inventory Count*
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  QM counts your controlled drugs. Reconcile drug count at every shift change.
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  One touch reorder*
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  Send a reorder request through QuickMAR to your pharmacy partner
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  Med Disposal



No need to enter meds manually—saves you time and money
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  Send reorder requests through QuickMAR
http://www.quickmar.com/images/d_ar.jpg  Use the QuickMAR messaging system to communicate with your pharmacy.